I believe good management can make a better world!

Through the use of Agile / Lean practices, Manager Tools’ good management principles, Denning’s radical management theories, and our vastly underused common sense we can help individuals be more effective. Better individuals make for better teams. Better teams make for better projects. Better projects make for better products. Better products make better companies. Better companies can make a better world.

About Joel Bancroft-Connors:

At the end of the day, my passion is to help others. From my roots in customer support to my work today helping teams be better, I have always gotten great joy from helping. I like to tell people “I’m R2D2.” The ultimate supporting cast member who is never in the spotlight and whose job it is to support the real heroes (the teams).

In my professional career, I’ve made my own share of miss-steps and seen some outright disasters. My goal is to help others not make the same pitfalls so many of us have made already. If, in the process, I can bring a smile to a face then all the better.

You can contact follow me on LinkedIn and contact me at TheGorillaTrainer@gmail.com.

 Who is Hogarth?:  

Hogarth is the Gorilla in the room. The elephant in the room is an obvious truth that is being ignored. The 800 pound gorilla is something that can act the way it wants without regard for others. The Gorilla in the Room is that looming problem that has the power to crush your project into dust and leave the team wondering what was the license plate of the bus they were just tossed under.

With his zen-like wisdom, Hogarth helps to reveal those dangerous miss-steps and pitfalls that pop up in the path of all managers and team members. With a little wit, a lot of sarcasm, and constant reality checks, Hogarth helps us all on the journey to being better.

You can contact Hogarth anytime by sitting quietly and listening.